Astro Influence on Inner Mind

Rana Sikander

There is another interesting part in the programming of the subconscious. this is the effect of nakshatras (stars) and planets on your life. Where
and how does it, actually affect you and create the life you are living?

Now we will discuss the effects of astrology, programming of Inner mind and, manifestation of the life you are living now. We will also know how to control these effects and how to change them to produce the desired effects and results.

If according to your birth chart, there is some negativity, then, by changing the sequence of five elements (water, air, fire, earth and, space) in your space, it is possible to reprogram your space and bypass the written destiny,

The Inner mind took the imprint of your birthplace and the script of your life started but it can be altered. The whole script is lying in the deeper Inner mind, where it gets information from the space. Change the space and the script is altered. A perfect example is the failed predictions that happened for people who had shifted homes or changed house design.

There is plenty of data with me to say this, and is possible to
change the written destiny.

To do that, you need to first master as how to read the written script. Then, it must be clear what changes (solution) can cause the required change in the written script. This is the real art of vedic alchemy of Inner mind.

Even the planets’ effects change when you visit an
ancient wish fulfilling temple. This is because such temples alter the script, written deep inside your Inner mind. That is why many seers, with the intention of altering a person’s script, used to recommend
to change their residence.

There are many theories of how planets affect us, but in them vastu shastraor vedic alchemy of space we consider that there is a ‘Theory of Synchronicity‘ between the position of and planets happenings on planet earth.

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