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Vastu Guruji has developed a scientific procedure to evaluate the strength of each Vastu Zone. This procedure is known as the Vastu Bar Chart…

Vastu Shashtra is Vedic Science. Already we know about the 32 ruling deities around the house. Particularly they rule over main door. We get the result of the door as per the character of deities. Many ancient books give the chart (9 x 9) grid about ruling deities but while researching on Vastu, We find it very difficult or we can say that it is impossible to find the deities of Main Doors of different shapes of Flats; Bungalows, Buildings etc.

we have discovered a new method. This is a radical method to find area deities for any type of regular shape of Flats, Bungalows, Buildings etc.

From Vastu Bar Chart you can easily find the area of Zone

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Evaluation of Zonal Strength

This method is known as the Bar Chart Analysis. Its purpose is to evaluate the strength of each Vastu zone to understand balanced and imbalanced states of zones.

A Model of Bar Chart

For application of Vastu techniques to either solve the problems or to manifest the desired outcomes, it is very important to understand the strengths or weaknesses of the building space where one lives or works. Only then can one decide which areas of one’s life need to be strengthened or balanced. The Vastu Bar Chart Analysis is also very important in deciding the procedure of the sensitive techniques like Space Surgery and Space Extension, which if applied otherwise can cause adverse results. As these techniques are like surgery on human body, they bring results very quickly without demolitions in a building.

Bar Chart is a Panacea for Every Space Imbalance

In modern architecture and contemporary lifestyle development, it is not certain that all the built-up spaces will be regular in shape. In many apartment buildings one will not find regular square or rectangular shapes. With the application of the Vastu Bar Chart Analysis, it is possible to apply Vastu with maximum accuracy and precision, irrespective of the shape of the floor plan. So it does not mean that one cannot get the benefits of vastu. This Vastu tools and techniques can be applied in every kind of shape a building may have regular Shape.

The basic purposes of the Vastu Bar Chart are listed below;

• Recognize the zonal strength of each zone in order to identify whether these are strong or weak.

• Identify which zones need to be extended or enhanced, which need to be exhausted, and which are to be programmed for manifestation of desires.

• Facilitate selection of the most appropriate technique, colour, shape or metal to be used to balance the zone.

How this help ?

With the help of Vastu Bar Chart, you can easily find out which Vastu zones in a building arc exhausted; that is, they have little or no energy. And which zones are extended; that is, they have excessive energy. Vastu Bar Chart thus gives a clear picture of the state of (zonal) balance in a building of Regular shape and design.

Vastu Chakra

Autocad File DWG ONLY

Vastu Chakra A quick reference tool to know which direction is causing problems when you have just a building plan in your hand. You can place the Vastu Chakra on it and precisely tell the problematic Vastu causes. An asset of a Vastu Consultant.

Expert Tool Of Vastu Consultant use only in autocad application.

This is a DWG file.

Note – Use autocad for Grid map.

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