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Rana Sikander

What is the reason for delay in Marriage? 

Why are children getting married so late these days?

What are the zones responsible for such delays?The first zone that must be activated in this regard is South-West, the zone of marriage and relationships, especially between husband and wife. The next most important zone is South-East it is the zone of fire that is largely responsible for the occurrence of auspicious events. South- East zone should be treated as it has the sacred fire that binds two people in marriage. These are two most important zones for a marriage to take place.

The South-West zone is one of partnerships, family, marriage and relationships, lineage and ancestors. If it is disturbed in any way,
by a toilet, anti-activity or an anti-element, then it will not only delay marriage, it can even spoil a perfectly good one.

Strengthen the South-West first; if this corner is missing, then marriage proposals do not go through successfully. A kitchen in this zone will also wreck chances of marriage and disturb established relationships. The South-East is fire and the presence of blue color there disturbs relationships. If this corner is cut or missing, or if there is an anti-fire activity there, this will also delay marriage. In such cases, if an engagement has occurred, it will be broken off. The symptoms are like this: it will start well as the SW is fine, but since the SE energy is poor
so it will not continue or finalize properly.

No marriage can occur without support this will come from a well activated and healthy North-West zone. This is the third important zone for marriage matters. So, in this order the following zones must be healthy: SW, SE, NW, West (gains) and the NE (wisdom).

Why am I mentioning that the North-East must be clear? It is for the reason that many people are adamant on getting a specific type of life partner. This holds true for both parents and children. If the NE is clear, then clarity about what they want is maintained. This is not
about right or wrong. It is only about wisdom; if you are wise, then you choose what is right for yourself. Your decisions do not come from conditioned mind.

So, a clear North-East is necessary for clarity, wisdom, preparation and acceptance that this is the kind of life partner I want’. Apart from
this, the zone of health should be alright. To be prepared for marriage requires good mental health. He should be convinced that it is fine to get married.

If a marriage is getting delayed, then out of the six things/zones that must be clear, it is quite possible that only one of them might be missing or cut and so environment.

In Vastu, I am carefully putting forward the sequence that has been worked out after a lot of research and practise. If you do not follow
this sequence, you will not gain the desired results, and you will say,

‘Vastu does not work!”

This particular sequence must be kept in mind when considerations of marriage are before you:

I. South-West, Pitra W1 Dev-mani

2. South-East, Akash E8 Dev-Mani

3. North-West,  Papyakshma W8 Dev-Mani

4.West, Pushpdant W4 Dev-Mani      

5. North-East, Sikhi E1 Dev-Mani

6. North-North-East. Bhujag N6 Dev-Mani

Check in this order to see which zones are disturbed. Usually,
just by treating the South West, 80 percent of the problem could be solved. Of the remaining 20 percent, 10 percent of the problem will be solved by treating the SE zone. Then, treat the NW and West and only five percent of the problem remains. Treat the NE and NNE and the problem is full solved. 

Work in these six zones and you should get positive results in 15-
45 days time.This is one part; what remains is getting the partner of your dreams/the one you desire. 

Someone who appeals to you will be a person who will give his or her life for you, make you comfortable the SW zone is responsible for this. Placing a Pair of Love Birds usually brings the right person into your life. This is how most relationship problems are treated-with Love Birds

A picture of an ideal loving couple- Heer & Ranjha, for example, can also be placed along with the birds. 

The South-West is the zone for family and ancestors. Placing
pictures of your family and ancestors can bring about desired results, to a great extent.

There has been a lot of research work in vedic astrology (Jyotish) to identify the ideal activities to be done on a certain date in order to plant the seed of desired results in the space on the time track.

The science of Murat (auspicious time to do something) is based on this only. The amount of work done in vedic astrology, about the Inner mind and manifestation, remains unmatched in all the other forms of astrology, throughout the world. It a that is pity today we rarely find people who are working scientifically in this field.

Planets are moving at a certain speed, and their positions can be worked out through mathematical equations. Through long periods of observations, vedic seers understood this phenomenon of synchronicity.It is not due to the planets themselves, they are just indicators. The very meaning of ‘jyotish’ is ‘a guiding light’. (Unfortunately, some people think jyotish is simply a way of future predictions).

To understand this point clearly, let us take an example of GPS (Global Positioning System), which are placed in cars or mobile phones.The GPS tells us that there is traffic on a certain road; this route may be a better one. However, it is not the GPS that is deciding the traffic, it just tells you what to choose.

Similarly, planets are not causing things to happen, but by understanding their position and their sequence, one can correlate events that are going to happen or are happening in our lives.

In the past, a lot of research has been done in Babylon and also in India. The Greeks used astrology to find out the purpose of their lives Our ancestors not only used astrological calculations, but formulated methods that could exactly predict when and what was going to happen in our lives. Sometimes it fails and very people have worked out why it happens.

A contemporary astrologer, Krishnamurthi ji from Chennai, who I term as the ‘father of modern astrology’, was one of them. He said, ‘never take the birth place for calculations, if the person has shifted from the place where he was born’.

So, if a person has changed his place of residence, there will be a variation in the calculation. This fact is rarely used by many astrologers, and this is the only pitfall where the whole astrological process fails

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