Theory of Synchronicity

Rana Sikander

Astrology is a science with its own limitations. The moment we are born, the map of the sky is studied and astrological charts are drawn up. This is considered as written destiny. Through existing accurate methods, it is possible to predict accurately each event that will happen in our life.

However, there are a few distinctions that need to be understood, before we proceed to see how the planets and their positions are related to happenings in our lives. Just imagine, there is a forest fire, the moment it starts, a big tree falls.

Now, it is difficult to say whether the fire started as a consequence of the fall of the tree or vice-versa. The two things happened at the same
moment, and if the phenomenon occurs repeatedly, then the human Inner mind tends to associate the two events with each other even though they are independent activities.

To understand this clearly, we shall consider an example, just like we will refer to the theory of synchronicity to understand the astrology.

On a full moon, the sea has rough tides, though it is not physically connected to the moon. This churning occurs not only in Sea water but in all the water bodies, and is replicated in humans also.

You may be surprised to know, that in asylums, mentally disturbed patients experience a highest frequency of fits on this day. During the full moon, the mind is excessively emotional; so many such incidents take place.

Remember that emotions are linked to the water element, so on a full moon there is a great upheaval of emotions. It happens because the human body is 70% water, and the measurement of salt in the body is equally proportionate to that in the sea.

This explains why the sea and the human body show similar reactions. The reactions between sodium and potassium ions in our brain, on a full moon, are no less effective than tidal waves in sea.

We are not able to get a precise hold of our emotional variations, because we do not observe ourselves, our Inner mind and our feelings carefully. However, if we maintain a diary (as per Lunar dates and record our mental states, then it is clear that our mental states different each day.

There has been a lot of research work in vedic astrology (Jyotish) to identify the ideal activities to be done on a certain date in order to plant the seed of desired results in the space on the time track.

The science of Murat (auspicious time to do something) is based on this only. The amount of work done in vedic astrology, about the Inner mind and manifestation, remains unmatched in all the other forms of astrology, throughout the world. It a that is pity today we rarely find people who are working scientifically in this field.

Planets are moving at a certain speed, and their positions can be worked out through mathematical equations. Through long periods of observations, vedic seers understood this phenomenon of synchronicity.It is not due to the planets themselves, they are just indicators. The very meaning of ‘jyotish’ is ‘a guiding light’. (Unfortunately, some people think jyotish is simply a way of future predictions).

To understand this point clearly, let us take an example of GPS (Global Positioning System), which are placed in cars or mobile phones.The GPS tells us that there is traffic on a certain road; this route may be a better one. However, it is not the GPS that is deciding the traffic, it just tells you what to choose.

Similarly, planets are not causing things to happen, but by understanding their position and their sequence, one can correlate events that are going to happen or are happening in our lives.

In the past, a lot of research has been done in Babylon and also in India. The Greeks used astrology to find out the purpose of their lives Our ancestors not only used astrological calculations, but formulated methods that could exactly predict when and what was going to happen in our lives. Sometimes it fails and very people have worked out why it happens.

A contemporary astrologer, Krishnamurthi ji from Chennai, who I term as the ‘father of modern astrology’, was one of them. He said, ‘never take the birth place for calculations, if the person has shifted from the place where he was born’.

So, if a person has changed his place of residence, there will be a variation in the calculation. This fact is rarely used by many astrologers, and this is the only pitfall where the whole astrological process fails

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